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Hello and thanks for visiting.  My name is Steve Piotrowicz, owner of Ad Pull Media.  Ad Pull Media is an internet marketing services company that helps businesses increase sales, acquire new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers.

I bring over 15 years of hands-on internet marketing experience in both the creative and technical sides of marketing.  My versatile skill set allows me to create marketing ideas to acheive your business goals, and the technical know-how to execute those ideas.

I would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your business's goals and see how we can use internet marketing to acheive them.  For a free consultation call me now at 716-638-0022 or complete this form and I'll call you.

Ad Pull Media, 69 Tuscarora Road, Buffalo, NY 14220 - 716-638-0022
steve (at) adpull.com

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