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Internet Marketing Strategy Consultation
I'll work with you to build an internet marketing plan that acheives your business goals and is within your budget.  From web design, website hosting, ecommerce, advertising, analytics - I'll help you understand what your options are and how they impact your business.  We'll discuss your business goals and develop marketing campaigns and tactics that will help you acheive those goals.

Google AdWords Campaign Management
Thousands of people each month use Google.com to search for your products and services.  You can reach this audience by displaying an ad each time a search is made for your keyword list.  Your keyword list is a list of keywords and phrases that your customers use to find your products and services.  We will help you set-up and manage your Google AdWords campaigns.  

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the act of building or modifying a webpage/website so that it ranks high in search results for specific keywords. There are a lot of variables that go into how search engines index and rank pages.  The search engines tell us some of the variables they use in determining ranking, other variables they do not disclose.  I'll help you understand what the important variables are for your website to rank for your important keywords.       

Landing Page Design / Optimization
Driving qualified traffic to a landing page is only half the battle.  Each landing page should be built to achieve one goal.  Are you providing information?  Trying to make a sale?  Get an email signup?  Each goal requires different on-page factors to get your website visitors to convert.

Email Marketing Strategy / Management
Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to build stronger relationships with your customers and stay top-of-mind.  Even if you do not have an email list, it's not too late to start.  I'll help you create, grow and message your list so your customers receive personalized messages from your company that contains relevant content and clear calls to action.

Social Media Marketing
Facebook has 900 Million users.  Facebook offers an advertising platform that allows you to target your ad based on specific keywords, or zip codes.  

Database Powered Websites
Our websites include a custom CMS that is easy to use and allow you to easily create and manage content.  

Banner Ads / Copywriting

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